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#1 V2 Cigs 9.7/10 #2 AirSmoke 9.5/10 #3 Premium Vapes 9.3/10 #4 Green Smoke 9.2/10 #5 Vapor Couture 9/10 #6 White Cloud 8.8/10 #7 Apollo Ecigs 8.7/10 #8 Volcano Ecigs 8.5/10 #9 Halo Ecigs 8.7/10 #10 Bull Smoke 8.3/10

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We are expert electronic cigarette reviewers with over 4 years experience in e-cig industry. In most cases we get electronic cigarette starter kits, cartridges, cartomizers, clearomizers, e-liquid etc. for free sponsored by the brand we are reviewing.

But this doesn’t mean our reviews are biased, in that case all e-cigs would have perfect rating and would be #1 at our TOP 10 list. Standings are based on our experience, our liking and aren’t affected by anyone else.

Before we review the e-cig, we use it as daily device for at least 2 months, push it to the limits and test all their strengths and weaknesses – to get you most detailed and reasonable electronic cigarette reviews.

To make our website even more useful for you,  we write how-to, why-to, should-you tutorials about vaping.

Then, to help you save your money on vaping, we offer e-cigarette coupons, deals and discounts. Some of them are lifetime offers which means you can use the coupon code as long as is here.

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